A revolution of love.

Sermons by Matt Patterson


Churches often talk about vision, but there are many different ideas of what vision is, and how it should be exercised in the church.  This week Matt unpacks some of these ideas and how we can respond as a church body. At the end of the message, there are three scenario’s presented.  These were explored…

The Gospel according to Mark

Mark – Chapter 16

In the final chapter of Mark, we’re left hanging in verse 8 with some women, having seen the miraculous power of God at the empty tomb of Jesus, running away scared, confused and silent.  Often, we too struggle with circumstances we didn’t hope for, expect or understand.  And yet, Jesus calls us to trust Him…

5 things I hate about Prophecy

The tongue-in-cheek title of this message hints at the challenges that prophecy can be for us personally and corporately in our church.  Today, we unpack some of those challenges and discover God’s consistent intention for us to know Him and to walk in His truth.

The Gospel according to Mark

Mark – Chapter 2

After touching on bible translations, this week we look at Mark 2.  Jesus saw people in a different way –  challenging traditions and expectations as He forgave sins, dined with tax collectors and sinners, and didn’t fast like other religious people.