A revolution of love.

Katalyst Church isn’t all about a few key leaders, in fact, quite the opposite. Leadership is important, but it’s role is to empower everyone in the body to be equally valued for their gifts and talents. Katalyst Church desires to be a place of deep spiritual growth, adventurous faith, a community of compassion and a loving family where everyone and anyone is welcome.

The goal of leadership is to raise up a new wave of body ministry to work alongside the leaders spearheading this vibrant healthy church.

Katalyst Church was planted in 2011 by Mark and Cheryl Wilson, with the support of The Baptist Union of Victoria, Pakenham Baptist Church, Beaconfield Baptist Church and Berwick (Narre Warren) Baptist Church.

In 2016, Katalyst sensed God’s calling and appointed Matt and Tanya Patterson as Pastors.   In July 2019, Nathan Dawson was also appointed as a Pastor. Together, along with the Navigators Council (leadership team) they provide leadership and oversight of the church.

The Katalyst leadership have a firm conviction that Biblical leadership of the church is governed by the Five fold ministries of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. When leaders anointed in these five areas join forces to extend the Kingdom of God and equip believers, the church takes on the broad design that Jesus intended.

Qualities of Leadership

New Testament Churches will be built upon New Testament leaders. The qualities and standards upheld by those leaders will be reproduced in the participants. In his letter to Timothy and Titus, the apostle Paul outlines the criterion that qualifies a person for leadership within the New Testament Church. 1Tim 3:1-13, Titus1:5ff. Personal character qualities A.…

Six Foundations of Godly Ministry

Character A. Godly character is the foundation of true ministry.Character (or lack of it) qualifies us from being able to minister and determines at what level we minister (Psalm 11:3). The biblical criteria for elders and deacons are mostly character issues. What can be built up by powerful charisma can be destroyed by lack of…

The Cost of Spiritual Leadership

Aspiring to leadership within God’s kingdom requires willingness to pay a price others are unwilling to pay. The more effective the leadership most often the higher one is required to pay. Spiritual leadership is bought on a “time-payment plan” of giving your life in daily instalments. As “payments” cease to be made, so does genuine…