A revolution of love.

#aktivate Youth

Who are we?

It’s a simple question, but an important one to begin with!

In short, we’re a Christian youth ministry run by a bunch of dedicated and passionate people from Katalyst Church! At Katalyst, we believe that young people are an integral part of the church body. Thus, our youth ministry team strives to foster a healthy discipleship culture whereby young people feel safe, included, challenged and empowered within this body.

The youth ministry team coordinates:

  • Friday night youth events, which take place weekly during school term time. These nights are designed with both demographic-specific discipleship and outreach in mind.
  • A Sunday morning small group, which runs fortnightly during the Katalyst worship service. This time is aimed at helping the young people engage more effectively with activities of the wider church body.
  • One-on-one mentoring of young people, in liaison with parents/carers.

We are seriously committed to the protection, support and safety of the young people with whom we have contact. All youth ministry team members are required to have a valid Victorian Working with Children Check, sign the Katalyst Church Leaders’ Code of Conduct, and are supported by and accountable to the Katalyst leadership team on a regular basis.

Anyone of high-school age is welcome to participate, whether they are associated with Katalyst Church in any other way or not.

What are we up to?

Our term 3 Friday night events are underway! See below for an outline of what the team has prepared.

NOTE: More information regarding each event is posted in the ‘events’ section of the Katalyst website during the preceding week.


If you’re interested in coming along to an #aktivate event, or have any questions about the ministry, please don’t hesitate to contact Sam (0434 647 577, or youth@katalystchurch.org), who would love to speak with you!