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What to expect on a Sunday?

During Covid lockdowns our worship services are held on Zoom.
These are an encouraging time together including some conversation, live music and a message of hope.
You are most welcome to join us, 10am Sunday mornings!

Click here to contact us for Zoom details.

At Katalyst, we deeply value connecting with God and the people around us. On a Sunday morning, this happens a number of different ways…

We understand that there is a lot you may be thinking about when attending a church for the first time. Right off the bat, we want to say that we have no desire in placing pressure on you to become a member of our church or to give to our cause. Our hope is for you to just gather with us, feel welcomed and be encouraged to express your thanks to God and grow in faith.

When you arrive, someone will greet you as you enter – feel free to ask them any questions if you’re unsure about anything.  You’ll also notice there is no common dress code – everyone (including the leaders) just wear what they feel comfortable in, generally casual or smart casual clothing.

When we gather, we sing songs to God together; we share personal stories of how God has moved in our weeks; we share Communion (a symbolic meal) together; we hear talks that are relevant and challenging to life, and we socially chat with one another over a cuppa. Some weeks we may have all of these elements and others we may have just a couple. This depends on what we believe God wants us to do on each specific Sunday morning.

We have discovered that in order to experience all that God has for us we need to be unified as a church. We have worked really hard to create an environment where any first-time visitor or regular attendee of Katalyst church is encouraged (without pressure or expectation) to engage with what God is doing. We know that God wants to move in power through His Spirit and we continually prioritise that when we meet. It takes more than a band leader and preacher to make that happen, it requires the whole body to intentionally choose to go on the journey together.