A revolution of love.

The following paragraphs describe how we live and function as Katalyst Church. They are the out-workings of our seven unique values.

Abide in Christ through Daily Worship, Prayer and Bible Study

We consider it a major priority for every believer to practice an abiding relationship with the Lord. Growing in their understanding of His will for their lives through prayer, Bible study and times of intimacy with God. Nothing can substitute for our personal relationship with Jesus and His impartation into our lives. We encourage every believer to cultivate a deeper reliance on God.

Champion the Kingdom of God

We are a Church for the people and to the glory of God. We willingly share the responsibility for shaping the culture of a missional focused community. Faithful supporters are proactive in bringing the vision into reality. They commit to the values and mission of the Church and participate in the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Embrace the Call to Holiness and Godly Character

We choose to be set apart from the principles and practices of the world. We are to be “in the world, but not of the world.” We are called to be representatives of Christ and therefore seek to model a transformational lifestyle, which draws and impacts people toward a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Expect God to be at Work through Signs and Wonders

We gather with the expectation that true faith in Jesus Christ produces the miraculous and supernatural.
We worship a God for whom nothing is impossible, and we foster an environment within the Church life and greater community that does not quench the freedom of God to move phenomenally. Our predisposition is to seek the Holy Spirit’s agenda, not our own.

Extend Unconditional Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness

Our goal is to accept people where they are in life. We want to eliminate a subtle culture of prejudice from forming, which creates clique groups of theological or social distinction. We hope that every participant will extend the same unconditional, love acceptance and forgiveness toward others that they have received in Christ. Breaking down the stigma of social class, background, education, wealth, and employment is, in essence, the very witness of Christ, and for that reason, it is our mandate.

Gather for Regular Worship and Prayer

We place great importance on gathering regularly for fellowship, worship, ministry and edification.
The corporate life of the Church plays a significant part in supporting, maturing and equipping people for ministry. Expressions such as “the body of Christ” and “the family of God”, find fulfilment as we meet together. The local Church is crucial in the achievement of God’s purposes.

Give Liberally of Talents, Time and Resources

We believe that a true disciple of Christ has set their focus firmly on heavenly eternal rewards, not temporal earthly assets. All we possess comes from God and is rightfully His to dispense. Money is not an overbearing issue at Katalyst Church; however, it is a practical necessity. We presume that people will give generously of their resources to support the expenses of the Church, disadvantaged, the needy and the expansion of Kingdom work.