A revolution of love.

Activate Groups

We see that there are two principles operating in the outworking of the Church. Firstly, that we gather together on a Sunday and/or midweek to worship and foster community, but secondly, we scatter into our workplaces, families and respective communities and seek to be a witness & servant of the Kingdom of God in everyday life wherever that is the Lord has positioned us.

Our Activate groups are a microcosm of the larger Church. It is where we can forge deeper relationships and share the journey as believers, encouraging each other onto maturity. An Activate group provides accountability, care, social connections, ministry opportunities and a sense of true belonging and acceptance.
Historically the pattern and expectation in a Church organisation has been for one man (Pastor), couple or leadership team to provide care for the congregation. At Katalyst we want to ensure that care is understood not to be dependent on a select few individuals, but to be a loving spontaneous network, where we mutually share the responsibility to support, encourage each other. Therefore, the Katalyst model makes each one of us a key carer to the people around us. It may require us to develop a new philosophy of ministry where we see ourselves and everyone else as linked together in the goal to care well for people.

The important point is that the Katalyst model of care doesn’t hinge on any one person who could fail to meet a wide range of needs. We need a sustainable and simple system to express grace and mercy, so our model is based on spreading the load equally across the entire Church family, establishing a vibrant dynamic of reciprocating care. It is a grass roots organic approach to Pastoral care not one based on positions and titles.

In other words we are all Pastoral Carers. Our goal is that each individual at Katalyst will have some significant friends and a mentor that they can go to in times of need. Coupled with personal one on one support, Activate group enable an individual to serve and be a servant to others in a small cluster of people. Each Activate group has a designated carer and leaders and people can draw from their giftedness and wisdom. Most needs that arise in the normal ebb and flow of life can be met within the context of the Activate group, our friends and mentor. However, there are times when crisis or special needs arise and we want to ensure that everyone at Katalyst can access additional support when there is urgent or particular need. Our care team will arrange assistance and visits to compliment the Activate group.

The Care Team or Activate group leaders will involve the leadership team when there is crisis care required. In the end, we see our care network like a trapeze with many safety nets not just one, so that no one feels alone or faces hardship without a system of love and support.