A revolution of love.

A mosaic is built up from thousands of tiny, broken pieces. Each fragment is unique and beautiful in its own right. Assembled together they create a work of art that is totally stunning and truly magnificent. Therefore, it is an ideal analogy for describing our philosophy of ministry. The Church is a mosaic display of God’s redemptive handiwork in making broken people whole and bringing us together to participate in the unfolding purpose of God’s grand story. It presents an extraordinary tension that we equally celebrate and promote unity and diversity. Church life involves such a wide range of functions linked to the diversity of a broad cross-section of people all set in the context of family unity. In summary, who we are; what we do and what we envision is a Mosaic that needs an explanation so that we can agree on implementing a unified vision.

Relational Framework

Everything we believe is enveloped by relationship, firstly with God and secondly through Him to one another. People are invaluable, programs are expendable. The synergy of true community is life-changing. Nothing means more to us than being in relationship with God and His people or helping others enter into a relationship with God and belonging to his family.

Redemptive Community

Love wins. The liberty of the Gospel encourages brand new life, so it’s never too late to be who you might have been. At Katalyst, failure isn’t final, it is a learning experience. Life can be cruel and we have all felt the sting of adversity. Many people have made mistakes that have left them unfulfilled, broken and rejected. God has extended grace to everyone and He offers second chances. We speak life over people, believing the best for each individual and spurring each other on to higher faith. An environment where people can find love, acceptance and forgiveness and not feel judged is such a compelling place to belong.

Compassionate Concern

Our challenge is loving people when they least expect it and least deserve it. Assisting people wounded by life and religion to experience recovery, renewal and restoration. Katalyst is a place of spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

Generational Honor

Giving honour to those above us, beside us and under us, because of the calling and potential God has placed inside of them. We value the beauty of diversity in God’s world, including, ethnicity, age and gender. Everyone has a place at Katalyst, whether single, married, young, old, male or female.

Authentic Relationship

Genuine relationships should permeate every aspect of the church because people are our greatest investment. Our challenge is to move beyond shallow casual relationships and reliably uphold caring relationships of openness, trust and mutual accountability to one another.

Kingdom Vision

The Church has a mission, the mission is foremost the Kingdom. Correct perspective and proper motives are always important as we advance the Kingdom of God. We champion the cause of our local Church enjoying a co-operative, not a competitive spirit with any other people or groups living for the kingdom.

Biblical Imprint

God holds the compass for our lives and he wrote a comprehensive manual for living. The Bible is truth without any mixture of error and is completely relevant to our daily lives. It teaches, guides us and is the absolute benchmark of truth and wisdom. We desire to have the destiny and purpose of the Bible imprinted upon us.

Inverted Model

A healthy Church has contributors, not consumers. Too often the few exist for the many. Our challenge is to turn church upside down. The church is not a pyramid or hierarchy with “clergy” instead of “CEOs” at the top and “laity” positioned like “interns” at the bottom. Our quest is to energize, equip and release everyone into meaningful ministry.

Servant Shaped

Going the extra mile is what Jesus demonstrated. Our challenge is to follow His example and die to our own selfishness. We don’t serve out of guilt or obligation but out of passion.

Quality Commitment

We are active participants; not passive spectators. Maturity is evidence of our commitment to being involved, go the distance and stick to the job. Our challenge is to be regularly committed and be ready, willing and able to give of ourselves unselfishly not counting the cost.

Perpetual Prayer

Prayer infuses every context of life helping us navigate every minute to every milestone. It should be a natural communication between us and God that happens anywhere and at any time. It is spontaneous and down-to-earth dialogue as we share the mundane, mainstream and remarkable moments of life with our heavenly Father individually or corporately.

Inspired Worship

Our whole lives are an act of worship as we live to please God. However, when believers earnestly sing, share and praise God together can be an exciting atmosphere that manifests. A spiritual environment is created by God’s presence that is dynamic, transforming and Life-giving. Our style preference is a casual, contemporary and charismatic offering to God.

Diehard Determination

Nothing destroys vision and unity like criticism and gossip. Our challenge is to work together to support and uphold those in positions of leadership and protect Katalyst’s core values and vision. Sometimes we have to be resolute and persevere through difficult times and even difference of opinion. Submission to another person’s vision is not always total agreement, but it reveals a teachable heart.

Outward Focus

Churches can often be introspective with a disproportionate amount of energy focused inwardly. We have a driving concern for the people we are trying to reach. We see a priority to be a scattered Church seeing the everyday opportunities to serve and influence others in our neighbourhood, workplace, school and community.

Market Ministry

Our challenge is to mobilize people into mission and evangelism with a commitment to discipleship and multiplication in their sphere of influence. We are in real danger if we water church down to become an event that we attend. When we live out our faith in the community and not just attend a service on Sunday, we quickly find that opportunity to be used by God is all around us, every day in the market of society.

Prophetic Message

God’s word is a life-changing message and we are excited about declaring all the great things God has done and will do in the future. Enhancing people’s understanding of theology helps when we use modern mediums, contemporary language and it has personal application. We are uncompromising in presenting an anointed, relevant and sound application of scripture contextualized for our lives today.

Innovative Forms

Traditions form solid foundations, but some of the things we do are not set in concrete. Doing the same things the same way can quickly get stale. We accept inventive or experimental changes in our style. God’s nature is innovative and fosters creativity. We seek to be imaginative and artistic in our approach to ministry.

Courageous Faith

Playing it safe is risky. God loves to see us out of our comfort zone. Faith requires adventure and bold steps of trust. We are not afraid to set optimistic goals and watch God move.

Everyday Excellence

God should receive our best and not our leftovers. Excellence (not perfection or excess) is our standard. God’s work is worthy of our finest efforts.

Affirmative Action

God’s kingdom is proactive, we don’t wait for things to happen, but we seek out opportunities for light to shine in the darkness. Indifference is not an option when there are lost and broken people and so much social injustice. So our challenge is to build inroads into lives and situations where people will witness Christ.

Valiant leadership

Servant Leaders coordinate ministry so that the body functions effectively. It requires elements of being visionary, an entrepreneur, architect and builder. The church should be led diligently and selflessly by people with leadership gifts. We see this optimized in the 5 fold ministry of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher who are postured to equip and release.

Team Training

How effective is a Church that doesn’t invest in training leaders and equipping believers? Everyone needs to grow in Biblical knowledge, discover spiritual gifts, utilize their talents and impart their skills. Our challenge is to coach leaders, instruct, disciple and mentor the whole Church body. That requires us to provide meaningful learning opportunities and share the work of ministry together.

Naturally Supernatural

Empowering of the Holy Spirit is vital to the fullness of Christian life. Spiritual infilling prepares us for victorious life, primes us with courage and propels us to the mission. To put it simply we have an expectation of the miraculous happening spontaneously and regularly.

Generous Paradigm

Talking money or finances at church should never be an overbearing issue because you simply can’t out-give God. His extravagant measure of giving sets the precedent. We should see investing in Gods work and the extension of the Kingdom as a privilege, an act of worship and not a burden. We are generous because we know it mirrors the character of God.