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Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day

The community you want starts at your front door™

There will be no Worship Service @ Maranatha on March 26th…

We’ll be worshipping in our neigbourhoods!

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your neighbours, get to know them, build relationships and gain an understanding of how you can encourage and support them. Being a nationally recognised day, it’s an excellent open door to initiate something that may be awkward at other times.

This is the first time we’ve done this as a church, so think about it as a long term project… Neighbour Day is just the first step, but we’re sewing into something that we can build on through the year and in coming Neighbour Day’s too.

What to do next…

1. Pray about it!

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, provide the courage to step out and work in the hearts of those you’ll be connecting with. Ask Him to replace any indifference,anxiousness or fear with a desire to reflect Jesus’ heart and bring God’s love and hope to our neighbours and community.

2. Come up with a plan!

The official website (neighbourday.org) is run by Relationships Australia and has a bunch of resources. Decide what is manageable for you. Below are a few ideas to start with:

Games/lunch at a local park

Organise some family games or a cricket match and invite neighbours to bring a picnic lunch and join you.

Street/block party or BBQ

Find a common area in your street (end of a court, nature strip etc), setup a BBQ, some outdoor chairs and some music. Maybe encourage neighbours to bring drinks (Please read ‘Keep Safe’ below) and/or meat and salads.

Catch up with a few neighbours

Do you have a neighbour or two that are lonely, or you would like to get to know better. Invite them over for a cuppa.

BBQ or Morning/Afternoon tea in your backyard.

Invite a few neighbours to join you for brunch/lunch/dinner.

Drop off ‘Connection Cards’

These are a simple way of starting the conversation without being intrusive. Pop a note in your neighbours letterbox or under their front door introducing yourself.

Do you have other ideas? Go for it!!!

There may be others in your Activate group who are struggling with ideas or aren’t in a position to do something… Get them to help you with planning and preparing!

3. Communicate

Connecting is what it’s all about, so aim to do this well. If you want to use any of the neighbourday.org material (invitations, connection cards etc) but don’t have the facilities to print them out, PLEASE chat to a leader.

  1. Chat to neighbours you know well to help you organise things.
  2. Send out messages/invitations.
  3. Chat to your Activate Group… encourage others to get involved or help you if they can’t do something themselves.
  4. Contact the Council if you’re planning something in the street or local park. They are on board with Neighbour Day so should be helpful.

4. Keep safe

Remember to consider the safety of yourself, your family and those you’re spending time with.

  1. It’s advised that you keep what you’re doing an ‘invitation-only’ event so that you know the scale of the event.
  2. Consider the safety of everyone, especially kids and the elderly.
  3. Ensure alcohol is consumed in moderation. It’s important to know most councils (including Cardinia) don’t allow alcohol consumption in any public place unless you have a permit. If you plan on having alcohol in a public space, please contact your council first.
  4. Observe fire bans and other laws.
  5. Be careful near water (lakes, rivers, swimming pools etc)