Past Events


This week we’ll be kicking off Term 3 with a Kultivate Night! We will be eating dinner together, playing a game and having some very special guest young adults sharing with us! Bring: $5


To celebrate the end of another term, we will be having a night of fun filled, active (and not so active) GAMES!! So come prepared for an awesome night!! Bring: $5


This week is our final kultivate night for term 2!! We will be eating dinner together, playing a game and studying James chapter 5 in our kultivate groups…there could also be dessert 😛 Bring: $5


This week we will have a chilled back night where we can hang out together. There will be snacks, board games, ball games & PlayStation! Bring: $5 & your friends


TOGETHER: Katalyst Day Camp

It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 60 years old, this is a great chance to have fun together, grow together and build community together.


This week is a…… KULTIVATE NIGHT!! This week we will be eating dinner together, playing a game and then diving into a study on James chapter 4 in our small groups! If you could please read the chapter BEFORE Friday night, that would be awesome! Remember to bring $5 please!  

Ladies evening

A great opportunity to relax, connect and encourage one another. Please bring a plate for supper.


This week will be supporting a couple of our young people who are going on a Thailand Mission Trip. They are hosting a Trivia Night and we’ve booked 2 tables that we need to fill! If you’re coming, please let Sam or Mel know before 10pm Thursday night.

Kultivate Night

Our third Kultivate night for term 3 is on the youth calendar for this week! We’ll be checking out James chapter 3 in our Kultivate groups, so bring along a pen, your Bibles and a notebook. Remember to ask for $5 from your parents for dinner. We’re looking forward to hanging out with y’all!


This week, we will be having a Master Chef Cook Off!! Bring your friends and be prepared to cook up a storm! Cost: $5    


This Friday at youth will be a Kultivate Night! We will be hanging out, eating dinner together and studying James Chapter 2! Don’t forget to bring $5 for dinner, a pen & Bible! Let Sam or Mel know if you need a lift!  


Tonight we’ll be kicking off youth for term 2 with a KULTIVATE night! Bring along $5 for dinner and a pen, as we begin a term-long study of the book of James. (Don’t hesitate to contact Mel or Sam if you need a lift, or cost is an issue!). We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Easter Sunrise

This is special family friendly time to get together, worship, pray and watch the sun rise over Pakenham, Officer and beyond (weather permitting).  SMS Matt (0407 867 561) for an update if the weather is looking average on the morning. You’re also invited back to Matt and Tanya’s for a hot breakfast afterwards too! (RSVP…

Youth Picnic!

This week we will be having a special School Holidays event, which will be a picnic at Wilson Botanic Gardens in Berwick. Feel free to come and go as you need to, we’d love to see your faces at some stage of the afternoon!! If you are unable to find us, give Sam or Mel a call.


#aktiv8 night

Neighbour Day

The community you want starts at your front door™ There will be no Worship Service @ Maranatha on March 26th… We’ll be worshipping in our neigbourhoods! This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your neighbours, get to know them, build relationships and gain an understanding of how you can encourage and support them. Being…


This week we will be laser tagging and rollerblading at Kemizo! So bring your friends and be prepared to have some fun!! The cost for entry is $15, if this is an issue please contact us!